About Us

Why hire a consultant?

We get it. Hiring an in-house team to manage data and analytics makes sense for a lot of projects.

But having a dedicated team of talent who can tackle problems quickly without you having to worry about rehiring and retraining mid-project? That’s cool too.


Save your time by focusing on what you do best and leave the data to us.


We will work on your deadline and won’t stop until you’re happy.


If we can’t do it, we’ll recommend somebody who can.

We work with you

It’s your data, we’re just there to help you understand it. We’ll work closely with you to define your goals and we provide weekly progress updates.

Our Story

We love data and finding the stories the data tells.

We are a team of talented, US-based database administrators, data/BI engineers and data analysts. We have the resources to manage jobs for Fortune 500 companies or solo startups.

Our customers appreciate our speed, dedication, security and value we offer.